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Unique Gift Ideas for Dad

Five Unique Gifts For Dad

Fatherís Day is growing near and itís time to find the perfect personalized gift for dad! This will be my second Fatherís Day and this year, my son is starting to be able to appreciate what he gives me or what we do together. This year will also be the thirtieth time I have experienced Fatherís Day as a son. Iíve often failed at choosing that perfect Fatherís Day gift for my dad, but now that I am seeing the holiday from both roles, I think I have a slightly better idea of how to choose the perfect Fatherís Day gift.

  1. Invest in some time with your father . This may be the simplest, though most over looked gift you can give your father! I can think of lots of things that my son can give me, but none of them compare to him taking me to the park, out for lunch, or even for a walk around the block. I am sure that my father feels the same way when I take the time to visit him (a three hour drive for me). I think that time is the best gift that you can give a father.

  2. Give Pop a custom etched mirror. Most gifts I have received sit in a meaningful place for a while, but then get shuffled to the back of a shelf or packed into a box. But when a gift is personalized, it becomes truly meaningful . A personalized gift, like a custom glass etching, is a great gift idea for Dad that shows how much you love him. There are many personalized gifts for dad like an etched mirror which shows that you put a little more effort into choosing and preparing Dadís gift this year. This is the class of gift that Dad wants to keep visible in a very special place!

  3. Take Dad to his favorite restaurant: They say that the way to a manís heart is through his stomach. It seems fitting, then, that the folks that are closest to Dadís heart (and what is nearer to a Dadís heart than his children?) should help secure their place through food. This option also has the added benefit of fulfilling the Ďgift of timeí from idea #1.

  4. Tools!!! As a husband and a father, I rarely feel more useful than when I am able to identify, assess and fix a problem around the house. I am forever in need of one more tool to help me successfully become the local hero by fixing the leaky faucet or stopping the door from squeaking.

  5. Restore something for Dad. We have all lost or broken something important to us. My father has an aged, wooden tool box that he got from his fatherís hardware store. As time passed, it had split and broken apart in many places, and was to the point that it was becoming useless. One year, my brother and I borrowed some of Dadís wood clamps (possibly an Idea #4 gift from a previous year), a little wood glue and glued his tool box back together. While this Fatherís Day gift was given four or five years ago, I got a call just last week from my Dad, thanking me for fixing his tool box. I now know that every time he uses his toolbox, he remembers my brother and me.

These are merely a few ideas for choosing a Fatherís Day gift for Dad. I hope I have helped you in making this often important decision. I think it is best to try to combine a few of the ideas above. If you still havenít figured out your own great idea, keep thinking. Try to use your imagination and you are sure to find the perfect gifts for Dad!

By: Mark Daniels


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